Everything in one place!

Import, wholesale and retail of sheet materials (particle board, MDF, worktops, HDF …) and edge band (PVC and ABS).
We offer you over 100 decorations. We do the transportation directly to your address. Service cutting of custom-made plating materials, PVC and ABS edging to your liking.

We offer you a complete service of arranging your living or working space in the way you have designed it alone or with our help.

Manufacturing of all types of furniture, interior in all kind of facilities. Numis d.o.o. works custom made by your order, according to the design of our architect, or the project that the investor brings.
We macerate the furniture especially designed according to the wish and measure of the buyer.

Custom furniture production
Fully equipped business premises
Living room
Sliding wardrobes
Bathroom furniture
Coffee table

Numis d.o.o. is engaged in making custom furniture. We make kitchens according to the wide variety of shapes and styles of American and classic custom-made closets, children’s, sleeping and living rooms, arranging offices, equipping hotels, apartments and cafes for all purposes.