Raw MDF is a medium thick dashboard made mainly from beech, spruce, fir and wood with the addition of polymeric resins. In contrast to chipboards, MDF has a homogeneous and very fine structure, so it has a higher hardness and is more resistant to moisture and can be processed in a traditional way (as a wood). There are raw and molded melamine foil.

EVO Gloss

EVO Gloss is a decorative and glossy panel formed by coating the surfaces of MDF panels with thick PVC with a thickness of 0.30 mm of different surfaces. The back side of the MDF panel with the front facings coated with Evogloss is covered with white melamine decor paper.


Glossmax High Gloss Panel is a wooden panel with decorative glossy surface obtained by applying glue and UV lacquer on the surface of melamine faced MDF or particleboard through various industrial processes using an advanced and unique technology. With the lacquer applied after the chemical contamination of hot coating process providing an excellent adhesion to the melamine coated surface, a surface with a scratch and wear resistance higher than the other glossy surfaces is obtained.

EVO Gloss – Fantasy – Design

EVO Gloss – Hologram Colors – Design

EVO Gloss – Solid Colors – Design

EVO Gloss – Wood Patterns – Design

Glossmax – Fantasy – Design

Glossmax – Solid Colors – Design

Glossmax – Wood Patterns – Design